VonageVonage just got more bad news.  First it was the lawsuit that they faced and were then found guilty of for infringing on patents which Verizon owned.  Now today their problems just got worse. A judge has ruled that Vonage may no longer sign up any new customers for their VoIP service due to the patent infringement they were found guilty of.

Roger Warin, the Vonage lawyer said that “It’s the difference of cutting off oxygen as opposed to the bullet in the head.” Without the capability to sign up new customers, there’s absolutely no room for growth and just means this would be a slow “death” for Vonage to face.

Current customers will not be affected by the injunction, and Vonage says that they have plans to appeal today’s ruling.  For now, they have been ordered to pay Verizon $58 million in damages as well as 5.5 percent royalty on every future Vonage sale. And according to Beta News, if they appeal, they will be forced to pay a $66 million appeal bond.

As of yet, the Vonage website is still allowing new sign-ups for their service.

News Source: Beta News