I think most everybody will agree that Opera for Nintendo Wii has been quite the success. Ever since it was released into beta in December, it’s been available to users for free. Between December and now, the Opera team has worked to perfect the browser, and in April it reached its final form with a bunch of improvements.

Starting on Sunday, July 1st, the Internet Channel browser will no longer be free. At that time, it will cost 500 Wii points to get it. Every 100 Wii points is $1, so the Opera-powered browser will cost $5 which I’d say is really reasonable.

The great thing though is that if you don’t have it yet, you can still get it!  For some of you, the problem is that you’d love to download the Internet Channel, but you just can’t seem to get your hands on a Wii. Unfortunately for you, you’ll have to purchase it once you do manage to get your hands on a system.

To get the browser, just follow the instructions in the cartoon above! Just be sure you do it before July 1st.

Source: Opera Watch