I didn’t realize that it would be possible but KDE 4 will have the ability of running on Windows XP and the Mac OS. The image above is of Kate, an advanced text editor for KDE Linux, running in Windows XP without any problems. Jason sent in a tip to this gallery that has several screenshots from other KDE applications running on Windows XP.

Then I went perusing the Internet to find what the goals are for KDE 4 and I eventually clicked my way to the page where they are all listed. One thing that really stood out was them saying “2D menu and interface is outdated. We need something new. Like 3D desktop. Like XGL-Compiz or Looking Glass.” They continue to reference Sun’s 3D project called Looking Glass saying that something like that may be good. If you haven’t seen the demonstration for Looking Glass prepare to be amazed:

I hope you liked that demonstration as much as I did. A 3D desktop environment is eventually what computers will come to it is just a matter of time before it gets implemented. The Looking Glass project is something that shows an efficient way to add another dimension to your desktop that doesn’t make it complicated to use but would actually increase your productivity. I think it would be awesome if the KDE team could come up with something similar to that.