We have another addition for the registered users of our site. It is difficult to keep track of comments especially when they are from posts that were weeks ago. That’s why for the last few hours (hence the light posting) I have set it up so that you can keep track of comments you have not read yet.

Simply go to your management screen and it will also show you comments that you need to read next to the current/upcoming All-Star commenters list. It will only show you comments from the last 7 days and since there have been quite a few, you may want to start out by using the “Mark all comments as read” link. Also, as the screenshot shows you can hold your mouse over one of the links and it will show you when that last comment was posted as well as who posted it.

We hope this makes it a little easier to keep track of the comments. Initially we started off with the intention of letting people sign-up for email alerts on individual posts but we were afraid that you would get frustrated with additional clutter in your Inbox. This was the best solution that we came up with.

In case you were wondering it uses a cookie to keep track of when you visit a post. Then when you login to view your unread posts it will compare that cookie to the list of comments in our database. It’s pretty simple and an effective solution, but if you don’t have cookies enabled this will obviously not work.

Hope everyone enjoys it and make sure to take a look at all of the cool smilies on the comment form! Maybe they’ll help express ourselves better. :D

On a side note if you have tried to send us a tip in the last few weeks we may not have received it. We have gotten all direct emails but it seems as though the internal system was not sending anything out. It has now been corrected. :oops: