CyberNet Logo A few days ago “d_leaper” commented asking why we haven’t created Microsummaries for Firefox yet. I hadn’t really thought about making a Microsummary before so I started to look into it.

If you’re not familiar with Microsummaries then you shouldn’t feel bad. It is a new feature in the upcoming Firefox 2 that will allow people to stay updated with what’s going on in a particular site. Microsummaries are often referred to as “Live Titles” because that is exactly what they are.

When you create a bookmark for a site that has a Microsummary available you will see a drop-down menu of choices that you can choose for the title of the bookmark. The first (default) choice will be the typical title of the page while the other choices that are offered will be the “Live Titles,” assuming they are available. They will then be periodically updated as the content changes.

With that in mind I created three different types of Microsummaries depending on what type of page you are viewing on CyberNet:

  1. When you bookmark our homepage the Microsummary option will show you the title of the most recent article that is available:
    CyberNet Microsummary
  2. When you bookmark an article’s page, for example this one, the Microsummary will show you how many comments the article has received followed by the article’s title. That way you can bookmark multiple articles and still be able to distinguish them from each other.
    CyberNet Microsummary
  3. The last one is for our registered users (you must be logged in for this to work). It utilizes the Unread Comments feature that we implemented a few weeks ago.

    When you bookmark the Management page the Microsummary will either be title of the last article that was commented on or it will display “No Unread Comments” if you are up-to-date on your comment reading. :)

    Here is what it looks like with some unread comments:
    CyberNet Microsummary 

    Here is what it looks like without any unread comments:
    CyberNet Microsummary

I hope some of you will find those Microsummaries to be useful. All of the screenshots I took were of me creating the bookmark so that it is easy for you to see how to “activate” the Live Title. Remember, these will dynamically change based on the content that is within the page.

Let us know if you have any comments or recommendations.