Kevin Mitnick Security Hacked Kevin Mitnick is one of the world’s most notorious hackers. When he was caught back in 1995 the FBI seized his laptop which ended up being a money maker for him. He was put in jail for 5-years and in 2002 he sold that laptop with a fresh copy of Windows 95, documentation, and the FBI evidence bag for more than $15,000! I’m sure it did help that the laptop was signed by himself and the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak who wrote “You’ve got the whole world in your hands. –Woz (Free Kevin!).” Not a bad price for a Toshiba Satellite T1960CS.

He eventually started his own security company cleverly named Mitnick Security and does conferences around the globe. Unfortunately for him the “underground” world still sees Kevin as a hacker and prides themselves on breaking into his sites. It just happened yesterday and the image above is what the hackers used to deface the site.

I am sure the hackers feel proud but Mitnick said “The Web hosting provider that hosts my sites was hacked” which is a very valid point. It’s not like these hackers broke through Mitnick’s own security defenses in order to gain control of the Web site. Not only that but the image looks a little childish.

News Source: zone-h [via CNet]