There are all kinds of free applications that will let you do things like adjust a window’s transparency, minimize it to the System Tray, and pin a window so that it remains on top of all others. Process Manager is a little different since it will also let you kill a program, change it’s priority, or hide it so that it doesn’t appear at all. It does all of this simply by right-clicking on the item in the Taskbar.

When this open source project first started out the main focus was on killing and changing the running priority of Windows from the Taskbar. As you can see in the screenshots below they added a bunch more options to help make this more of an all-in-one solution. After all, features like minimizing to the System Tray are becoming quite popular.

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process-manager1.jpg process-manager2.jpg process-manager3.jpg process-manager4.jpg

Over the lifetime of the project it’s been downloaded under 150 times (update: about 10,000 downloads), and definitely hasn’t received the publicity it deserves. It’s a simple and productive solution that is sure to save you some time if you ever need to forcibly kill programs. The other added features are just a bonus from my point of view.

Process Manager Homepage [via Control Center]
Thanks Saurabh for the tip!