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We’ve shown you how to kill processes through the command prompt or batch file, but sometimes having a graphical interface can make things faster. Think about a time where you wanted to kill multiple programs, but when you opened up the task manager you had to go through and kill them all one-by-one. There’s gotta be an app for that, right? There is.

The free and portable KillProcess app has a very strong focus on killing multiple processes all at the same time. When viewing the list you can select more than one item by holding down the Ctrl or Shift key and clicking on the item(s) you want to add. It behaves just like selecting multiple files in Windows Explorer, and should take no time getting used to it.

If you are constantly killing the same processes over and over again there is another feature you’ll want to take advantage of: lists. There’s actually quite a few reasons that lists are useful:

  • Place as many executables into a list as you want, and then at any point you can kill all running apps that are found in that list.
  • Terminate a specific process that is found in a list as soon as KillProcess sees that it has been started.
  • Pre-populated lists can be downloaded from the homepage, and can be used to identify system-related processes for Windows XP, Vista, Server 2008, and Windows 7. That way you’re able to quickly identify those processes that aren’t critical for Windows to operate.

At the root I’d say KillProcess seems simple, but there’s a lot it can do if you put your mind to it. Download the portable version and see if it’s something that can help you out.

P.S. There are some annoying aspects to the app (sounds, splash screen, etc…) that can disabled through the settings. So make sure to take a quick run through of the settings before you settle in.

KillProcess Homepage (Windows only; Freeware/Portable)
[via SparksSpace]