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I saw System Silencer being written about on several blogs a month or two ago, and thought it was kinda cool. It would let you set a period of time that your computer could sit idle, and after that it would assume you left your machine. When it determined you were away you could have it do things like turn off your monitor, toggle the mute so that music would stop playing, kill a single program, and a handful of other things. It was nice, but nothing a few scheduled tasks couldn’t do. In the state it was in I can’t say I was all that excited about the app.

I bookmarked the site so that I’d remember to see if any improvements have been made because I knew it had some potential, and I’m rather impressed with the latest changes. It still does a lot of the same stuff, but does it much more intelligently:

  • You can decide what actions you want to perform when on battery mode and which ones to perform when plugged in.
  • Set the idle time for each action individually rather than having one uniform time limit.
  • Specify multiple processes to kill or multiple programs to run… it’s no longer limited to just one.
  • Hide specific windows based on the window name (or just a portion of the window name).
  • Define a timeframe that you don’t want System Silencer to take action on. This is useful for having it run when your computer is left idle overnight, but not having it do anything during the day when you may have just stepped out to grab lunch.

I’m rather impressed at the amount of work the developer has put into this app to make it useful, and am hoping that he’ll come up with some other cool features.

Performance note: This app uses about 3MB of memory while running, which isn’t much.

System Silencer Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)