Kororaa XGL

I had been wanting to play with the new XGL with all of the videos (like this one and this one) that I had seen lately but sometimes the steps required seemed a little  daunting. Kororaa made it a piece of cake for me to try it out on my Dell m140 laptop that just has cheap Intel graphics in it. There was ZERO configuration for me. All I had to do was download Kororaa, burn the ISO to a CD, and boot my laptop up with it.

Like other versions of Linux you can run it straight off of the CD without ever needing to install it. That way there is no worry about whether it will screw up any other operating system that you have on your machine.

Once you have it up and running you will find a HTML file on the desktop that lists all of the shortcuts you should be aware of. Look through them and have some fun. XGL is even better first-hand!

View more screenshots of Kororaa