I received an email from a user today who said that they were trying to download the Kororaa that I previously mentioned. When they went to download the file they noticed that the link had been removed and the Kororaa team said:

The Kororaa Xgl Live CD has been taken offline due to GPL violation by distributing the ATI and nVidia drivers with the Linux kernel.

We would like to apologise to the Linux developer community and thank everyone for their support, especially the end users who have loved our Live CD.

That just sucks because Kororaa was one of the coolest Live Linux CD’s that I have ever used. I no longer had to fumble around looking for instructions on how to setup XGL because they did that out-of-the-box.

The normal Kororaa distribution is still available without the XGL pre-configured but to me it has lost most of its appeal. Hopefully some other Linux distributions will start to make it easier to use XGL.