I’m always on the lookout for a good Firefox extension, and I got an email the other day about one I’ve really fallen in love with. It’s called KwiClick, and it does exactly what I look for in an extension… it stays out of my way until I need it, and when I do use it I get the results I want.

So what’s KwiClick do? Basically it displays a nice little floating window that is capable of showing search results from sites like Google, YouTube, FriendFeed, Twitter, Google Maps, Flickr, Wikipedia, Amazon, Technorati, Viddler, Yahoo,, and more. You can even pin the floating window so that it will remain on top while you browse around. The example they give where this could be handy is for browsing the web while wanting to watch a video at the same time. You can open up a YouTube video in KwiClick, and pin the window so that it will remain open even while you browse in the background. Very slick!

Personally I love it for the mapping capabilities. As you can see in the screenshot above you can highlight an address, open KwiClick, and have a map instantly slide out from the side of the screen. I love the fact that it’s extremely unobtrusive since the window will disappear as soon as you click back on the website, well, unless you pin the window.

The developers have definitely gone out of their way to make this as useful as it can be, and I’m impressed with how they were able to stray away from making this more annoying than helpful. It seems like all the other extensions with similar features get in the way more than anything else, but this one is definitely different. Job well done guys!

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