Firefox 3 Acid 2 Test

Firefox is becoming even more standards compliant with its latest nightly of the trunk since it passes the Acid 2 Web Standards Test. It isn’t the first browser to do so but it joins some of the best such as Konqueror, Opera, Safari, iCab, OmniWebShiira, and Prince. Some of those you may not have heard of, because I didn’t either, but they are pretty interesting. I retrieved the list of Acid 2 compliant browsers from Wikipedia.

Internet Explorer 7 Acid 2 Test There are still some browsers, such as Internet Explorer 7, that do not pass the test but as you can see to the right it is pretty darn close. Okay, so maybe that is a little exaggeration but one day it might just pass the Acid 2 test…but by that time we’ll be onto the Acid 6 test. ;)

So why is the Acid 2 test so important? A lot of people are always wondering that and the Acid 2 Guide explains the significance:

It has been written to help browser vendors make sure their products correctly support features that web designers would like to use. These features are part of existing standards but haven’t been interoperably supported by major browsers. Acid2 tries to change this by challenging browsers to render Acid2 correctly before shipping.

Acid2 is a complex web page. It uses features that are not in common use yet, because of lack of support, and it crams many tests into one page. The aim has been to make it simple for developers and users to check if a browser passes the test. If it does, the smiley face on the left will appear. If something is wrong, the face will be distorted and/or shown partly in red.

In that guide it also walks you through all of the code that it uses for the individual parts that make up the smiley face once they are put together. It is definitely interesting to read.

If you want to test out the latest nightly version of Firefox 3 that passes the Acid 2 test you can download the portable version here. To use the portable version just extract the download and browse for the FirefoxPortable.exe file. Once you’re done testing it out you can just delete the folder.

Also, the recently released Firefox 3 Alpha 1 does not pass the test because the reflow build had not been merged with the trunk at that point. If you only like to play with the milestone releases you’ll have to wait until Alpha 2 in order to see an Acid 2 compliant Firefox build.

Thanks to natmaster for pointing this out in the comments last night!