Windows Vista Pricing

The other day we got word that Microsoft placed the pricing for Vista and Office 2007 on their Canadian site.Well, Longhorn Blogs pointed out that also has pricing available for Vista and for Office 2007. This time they are in U.S. dollars and the cost obviously makes much more sense in terms of rounding, but still not in terms of reasonability.

Also it is important to note that Amazon says that the release date for both pieces of software is scheduled for January 30, 2007. I thought Microsoft was trying to push for an early January release but I guess I was mistaken.

Microsoft started giving away 100,000 downloads today for Vista 5536 which is the pre-RC1 build. I am using it and after getting all of my software installed it seems to be really stable. The only thing that I am having a hard time finding is a good antivirus that is fully compatible. If you know a good one that works with this build please let me know. Right now I am stuck using Free AVG because it appears that Microsoft broke the Avast compatibility: “OK folks, I just got some feedback from MS, it seems that the avast driver was “hard blocked” BY MISTAKE, hopefully, the issue will be remedied in the next Vista build.” That is just wrong that we have to wait until the next build that will possibly never exist since the next step is to send Vista to manufacturing. A Windows Update should definitely be issued to the public to fix the problem.

Microsoft was expected to release RC1 on September 7 but it looks like that date may be changing. Yep, same ol’ Microsoft huh? But wait…it might be two days early? InfoWorld is reporting that Microsoft may actually release Vista RC1 to the public as soon as September 5! This is amazing and I don’t know how Microsoft pulled out such a stable release so quickly (maybe they copied and pasted some Linux code :D ). I’m sure quite a few coders over there pulled some late/all nighters in order to make this release as good as it is.

 Thanks for the tip “C”