The iPhone is still a few months away from being released, but it is apparent that the anticipation is killing some people. Tomasz Rychlicki, an Intellectual Property lawyer, went as far as to post a program (made by someone else) that will make Windows Mobile Smartphones have a similar appearance as the iPhone.

IPhone Icons
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Seeing that he is a lawyer that frequently deals with copyrighted material I would think that he would know what he is doing. In the screenshot above you can see the iPhone icons in the top row and the icons provided in his application in the bottom row. There are many similarities which is pretty much the whole point.

Despite having made the nearly-identical icon set, he also provides a version of the program with the original iPhone icons. From the sounds of it he isn’t very afraid of Apple coming after him for posting that file either:

For your comparison, here is RE’s software with Apple’s icons – (1,4 MB file). If Apple would like to make any “legal troubles” I recommend you to change those icons, or in my case, I will probably put it somewhere else. I mean P2P networks or different hosting websites. Once released it can’t be stoped right?

The article makes it appears that he is confident in his knowledge, but I am thinking to myself whether he would be able to stand-up to Apple’s big time lawyers? I’m sure Apple has an impressive legal team that is good enough where they practically make their own laws. :)

Source: Download Squad