Google GDrive

A few months back we were exposed to the Google GDrive online page and now it looks like Philipp Lenssen from Google Blogoscoped actually got his hands on the client application that Google employees use. The current codename is Platypus as you can see in the lovely screenshots but Philipp, who couldn’t login with his Google Account, was quick to note that:

Gdrive, from what it looks like, is not a product for general release, but a way for Google employees to store and share files.

He has also placed a copy of the HTML help pages on his site that are available for both Windows and Linux users. There are two interesting points in those files:

Can I help make Platypus better? I have some 20% time built up.

Yup! We’d love your help with engineering, interface design, or marketing. Email Justin if you’d like to volunteer your time. You can also make Platypus better just by using it and reporting bugs.

What data should I keep in my Platypus share?

We encourage you to keep all of your files with us, including your Office documents, photos, and personal notes, except for sensitive data (including electronic protected health information) and other files inconsistent with the internal user agreement.

So they are obviously trying to gear the service to hosting all kinds of files for people but they make it sound like there is no team dedicated to working only on this project. They want people to use some of their “20% time” that Google employees receive to work on any project that they would like. That essentially means that they have one day out of each week to make the next big Google app…and hopefully GDrive will be it!

Philipp then went on to post the configuration file and that appears to limit users to 500MB of storage, or they may just be using that configuration file for testing purposes and want the ability to try different limitation sizes. The thing that is really funny, and you knew there had to be something, was what I noticed in the configuration file. If you take a look at the URL for a forgotten password it points to here. Guess that is something they still need to implement. :D

The last bit of news that Philipp shared was an image that showed a listing of all the files that the application contained:

Google GDrive Files

It is a little disappointing to think that Google isn’t going all out trying to release the GDrive that we have all been craving. Maybe Google leaked this on purpose though! They could have done it to throw competitors off and make them think that Google hasn’t really done much work on their file backup/storage software? Hey, I’m trying to be optimistic here!