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It looks like one lucky user “accidentally” got the Zune 2 software update a little early thanks to a supposed mishap in Windows Update. JJRules, a member of the Zunerama forum, posted some screenshots late last week of the Zune 2 interface (version 2.1.0522.00) that is scheduled to be released in November.

The first question that popped into everyone’s mind was “are the screenshots real?” JJRules did everything he could to assure us that they were indeed real, and he even went as far as to take a screenshot of his entire desktop with the Zune 2 software running. One of the things that really clinched it for me was the comparison of his screenshots (which are below) and the screenshot above which Microsoft provided in one of their own documents. There are a lot of similarities between the two.

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So how did he download the Zune 2 software? It was delivered to him via Windows Update on Vista, and one reason he could have been “chosen” was because he is also testing Vista SP1 Beta. In the end, however, JJRules ditched the Zune 2 software because he couldn’t get the Zune MarketPlace to work. As it stands right now he is running Zune 1.3 just like the rest of us, and he says that he hasn’t been prompted to download the software since.

I’m sure all of the Zune users are getting excited about the big update particularly because the 30GB Zune owners will also get a piece of the action. If you happened to hop on board during the Woot $100 Zune blowout sale then you got one heck of a deal, and there is a nice update coming your way!

Source: Zunerama Forum [via Crunchgear]