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This morning after I woke up, it just took a minute to realize it was leap year day, February 29th. Thanks to Google I was able to figure this out. The “L” in their logo was replaced by a frog which reminded me that today was something special. Around the web and in stores, it seems to be special too. Marketers are using this once-every-four-year occasion to promote products and services. Before we get to that, here are a few Leap Year/Day facts from Wikipedia:

  • A leap year is a year containing one or more extra days in order to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical or seasonal year.
  • February 29th is a date that occurs only every fourth year. This day is added to the calendar as a corrective measure because the earth does not orbit around the sun in precisely 365,000 days.
  • A person born on February 29 is sometimes calling a “leapling.” An article by the associated press today talks about a woman born on Leap Day in 1912. Today she’s celebrating her 24th birthday at 96 years old.

Now on to Leap Day around the web…

Circuit City: Save up to 29% on certain items like HDTVs, home audio, computers, cameras, GPS & more… www.circuitcity.com

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Papa John’s Pizza: If your birthday happens to fall on Leap Year, Pap John’s will give you a free pizza (must order online). Additionally, they’re using this day to promote their new “Perfect Pan Pizza” which they say is “One Giant Leap for Pankind.” All customers are eligible for three large pizzas with three toppings for $29.29. www.papajohns.com

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Boston Market: By visiting the Boston Market web page, you’ll see a message which says “Happy Leap Day!” Those who were born on the day will get a free lunch. www.bostonmarket.com

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