Css generator

If you want to create your own website one of the first things you’ll need to learn is how to write CSS code. You’ll also need to know the HTML side of the coding, but once you’ve got that figured out Simple CSS is a great app to help you pick up on writing the CSS. It provides an intuitive interface for accessing most of the different CSS properties that are available for you to configure.

I would say that Simple CSS is the strongest when you are configuring the way text will appear on the screen, but in reality it can be used for just about anything. The reason it works so well for text is because of the built-in instant preview that is always displayed along the lower portion of the screen. You can switch between all of the available properties by clicking between the different tabs.

The one downside to the app is that it really only contains the most common CSS properties that people are looking for. An example is that you won’t find the CSS 3 properties available in the app, such as specifying a border radius on boxes. If you view treat this app as more of a learning tool I’m sure you can pick up how to do the CSS 3 stuff on your own.

Simple CSS Homepage (Windows/Mac; Freeware)