apple iphone app.pngThere’s no doubt that applications for the iPhone have become a huge hit since they became available in early July. With over 1,300 apps currently available, users have a nice selection of options to choose from. That selection will continue to grow, but could get a nice boost from Stanford students completing a course in “iPhone Application Programming.” Yes, Stanford is now offering a course to their Computer Science students wanting to learn how to make applications for Apple’s iPhone.

Teaching the course is a man named Paul Marcos who happens to be an employee of Apple, which must mean that Apple approves of the course. Why wouldn’t they? The more people out there who are familiar with the knowledge of how to create iPhone applications, the more quality apps they’ll get. A reason Apple could have had a problem with the course is because of the NDA that developers are under when creating iPhone apps. It prevents them from discussing any specifics about the platform. Our guess is that Apple gave their approval or they’ll drop the NDA before classes start. At this point there’s no need to have it.

One commenter over at TUAW made a good point and said:

Get school credit for working on an app, get an A, get app listed in the app store, use proceeds to pay your tuition…win win win win.

Those in the class who create a great app could easily slap a 99 cent price tag on it and make some extra spending cash or money to help pay for tuition. The fact Stanford is offering such a class in a way shows the popularity of the platform. Now we’re wondering how long it will be before other schools start offering the same type of class.

What an idea though, sign-up for the class and make an awesome app, and then walk away with the opportunity to make money!


Note: We do realize this may be considered ‘old news’ but it was one of those things we had been wanting to write about for the last week but just haven’t had the opportunity.