Volume limiter

Have you ever wished you had a volume limiter for your computer? I can think of a variety of reasons where you might want to limit the volume on your computer including keeping kids from accidentally cranking up their favorite tunes on your computer, or even limiting the volume to match the quality of your speakers. For some laptops with poor speakers it might be nice to cap how loud the output is since most manufacturers let you turn the volume up way beyond what the speakers are obviously optimized for.

Sound Lock is the free app that can accomplish exactly this. The nice thing is that you can turn this on and off as you need it. The app will display a padlock icon in your System Tray, and when you click on it the “Sound Lock” screen pictured above will popup. From there you can adjust the volume limit threshold and can toggle the functionality on/off.

Still not sold on the idea? Another example of where this might be useful is when watching a movie on your computer. I’m guessing you’ve found yourself adjusting the volume during some movie scenes that get unexpectedly loud? With Sound Lock you can be sure that you don’t get caught off guard by extremely loud scenes that cause you to turn the volume way down, and then you have to turn it back up later on when you realize you can’t hear anything the people are saying in the movie. I’m sure there are also music listeners that have encountered similar scenarios, and if you fall into either of those categories I highly recommend trying out the app… after all, it’s free.

Sound Lock Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)
[via FreewareGenius