Vista Logo This was absolutely shocking to me when I opened my Inbox and an anonymous tipster had sent me an email with the public download page for Vista 5728! I was pretty excited as you could imagine but I’m not sure if I want to go through the whole process of setting my computer up again after getting RC1 all perfect. Well, I say that now but I’m sure tomorrow you could contact me and I’ll be reformatting my computer! ;)

I know I could just do an upgrade (Microsoft recommends that owners of a Toshiba model M400, M4, or M5 do a clean install) but that just doesn’t seem as “clean” to me…and it takes several hours!

Here is what Microsoft has to say about why they decided to release it:

This build (5728) has a number of improvements and updates from RC1, but has not been put through the same internal testing process as RC1 and therefore may be unstable in certain installations. We are making this release available for a limited time only (and only by download) in order to get broad distribution and testing in a variety of PC configurations.

Here is some of the information on the file:
File size: 2622MB
Type: 32-bit
Name: vista_5728.16387.060917-1430_x86fre_client-lrmcfre_en_dvd.iso
Build Number: 5728.16387

Note: Your Beta 2/RC1 product keys will still be valid for this version.

Even though Microsoft didn’t post a link to the 64-bit version they still placed it on the server. You can download it using this direct link.

Update 2:
Microsoft also allows people to disable the startup sound with this build.

Update 3:
Microsoft has now officially posted the 64-bit build on the download page.

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  1. This sounds sweet, but my RC1 works so surprisingly well on my computer that I’m sticking with it for now since I don’t even have a DVD burner and I have to go elsewhere to burn Vista.

    RC1 rocks though, on the same hardware Vista runs better than XP Pro and has so many awesome features. I am truly pleasantly surprised at the quality of Vista on machines without Aero capablilty but with all other hardware capability.

    5 stars! :mrgreen:

  2. where will i find the key?

  3. Oh sweet!! Thanks to you and whoever sent you that email 8)

  4. raj wrote:
    where will i find the key?

    Why don’t you [] and let us know if it still works.

  5. Thanks Ryan. I will probably use this version as I have not yet installed the RC1 version.

  6. So it’s a DVD iso. Damn. So much for the computer in my roof space that I set up for trying new software. I suppose I’ll have to fork out for a DVD drive.

    *a few minutes later*

    damn. my RAM isn’t enough either. So much for getting it whatsoever.

  7. Congrats for getting this page linked on Slashdot!

    “Doing some late-night surfing last night and came across a post over at Cybernet News: []

    Woot!…you da man, Ryan.

    Slashdot – []~r/Slashdot/slashdot/~3/26601100/
    “Posted by Zonk on Sunday September 24, @07:27AM
    from the new-build-out-the-window dept.”

    It’s the weekend–web servers should be safe…

  8. Get the multitracker here:


  9. Hey, thanks for pointing that out! We love getting the people from Slashdot. :)

  10. Both key get and download Still working at 05:16 GMT Monday Sept 25.
    Keep up the Grrreeeat work.

  11. Where’s a good place to learn more about this stuff? I want to install it dual boot on my laptop (since I want my actual programs to work), but I need to know if it CAN dual boot and whether it will run XP software (meaning I may not have to dual boot after-all). I know this isn’t a good forum for those questions so please direct me to the right spot.

    BTW, awesome link and thanks! This will be great :)

  12. For a lit of compatible programs you may want to [] and they even have a [] Feel free to ask questions here though because we’ll try to help you as well.

  13. don’t dual boot! It could wipe all your data!!

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