LinkedWords Statistics are always fun to look at and they help to monitor growth. LinkedWords provides a look at statistics in a more unique fashion. Their goal is to accumulate hyperlinks from a variety of sites and monitor what words they are using to link to those sites. Then they compile those results to find the “most linked-to words” for the day, week, and month.

I haven’t seen another site that does this but there is definitely some room for improvement on LinkedWords. Right now it only looks like it searches a handful of sites to get their statistics so it doesn’t give an accurate representation of the most linked-to words on the Internet. If they expand the site to crawl the Internet then this could be a viable source to find news.

This has sparked a lot of thought in my mind though. Think about having access to the statistics that Google has. That would be loads of fun to play around with and I’m sure that they keep track of the most linked-to words. At the top of that list would probably be “here” or “click here” but I wonder what would come after that. I would venture to guess that “Google” and “Microsoft” would be pretty high on the list.

I just did a search for “click here” on Google and it returned almost 1.5 billion results. At the top of that list are the sites for Adobe, Microsoft, and Apple. Looks like everyone likes to use those words when referring to a link. ;)