Linspire Plans To Release Freespire In August

It looks as though Linspire is finally going to release a free version of their popular Linux operating system. During the Summer of 2005 Linspire released their $50 version of the OS for free, and now they are going to have this as their FREE Linux solution. You will find Linspire very easy to use and intuitive if you are new to Linux.

It is good to see such a popular Linux distribution moving towards a no-cost solution for users. Linspire has been sold with many desktop PC’s to help lower the cost for the user. Freespire will have many similarities to the popular Linspire OS and here is what we can expect when it is released:

  • Is a community-driven, Debian-based Linux distribution.
  • Is always made available for free use, distribution and modification, now and forever.
  • Is powerful enough for the most sophisticated Linux user or developer, yet easy enough for someone completely new to Linux.
  • Is available with 100% free, open source software or with the option to include legally licensed, 3rd party codecs, drivers and software.
  • Legally supports (or has one-click access to support): MP3, DVD, Windows Media, QuickTime, Java, Flash, Real, ATI drivers, nVidia drivers, Adobe Acrobat Reader, proprietary WiFi drivers, fonts, and so on.
  • Provides free access to the entire Freespire open source application pool using apt-get.
  • Offers optional use of the Linspire CNR (click and run) Service. The CNR Client is open source.
  • Includes a total development environment, which can be easily expanded using apt-get or CNR.
  • Provides easy-to-use yet advanced installation and configuration options.
  • Utilizes the community IRMA project to provide Freespire in dozens of different languages.
  • Is community supported at no charge, with optional enhanced support available.

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