Freespire CNR - Click N Run

A big story just hit the front page of Digg which announced that Linspire, the creators of Freespire, is now offering their Click ‘N Run (CNR) basic service for free. The basic service previously costed $20 and offers makes it easy to install thousands of programs on your Linspire or Freespire system.

When Freespire was released I had a good feeling that it was going to be a great operating system. In my opinion it gives Windows users an easy-to-understand alternative since the need for command line installations are greatly reduced. They also have a Web-based list so that you can see the software that they have available. You’ll find everything from sticky notes all the way to Skype.

Also, looking around I found an installer for setting up XGL in Freespire that someone came up with. I have only seen that it works for nVidia cards but it is a step in the right direction. XGL rocks and it will be really cool when the Linux distributions make it a one-click install option.