Liquid Cool Your Xbox 360

A lot of people aren’t brave enough to take apart their Xbox 360 which means most people wouldn’t dare to try sending liquid through it! One man did it with careful planning and documented it with pictures along the way. Here is what he thought of the project after finishing it:

It has prooven to be quite a challenge doing a complete interal watercooling build with such space restrictions, the whole project was well thought through before being started, and as can be seen through the progress photos it shows quite clearly the steps I took so it may be possible for some people to replicate a simillar modification as the parts are mentioned in my thread.

If the liquid cooling isn’t daring enough for you then he has a long list of other things that he has done to his Xbox 360. Two of the coolest things that he did visually is he custom painted the case blue and he stuck blue LED lights all around the case to give it a glowing effect. The lights can also be turned on or off by a simple flick of a switch.