live mesh.jpgMicrosoft has opened the doors of its Live Mesh service so that anyone with a Windows Live ID can immediately start using it. It is only available for users in the US, but the Live Mesh team says that this restriction can easily be circumvented by setting your operating system region and language settings to EN-US:

Signing up for Live Mesh now!

The Live Mesh team is pleased to announce that we have simplified the signup process for our US customers. We are doubling the upper limit of our technology preview program. Our technology preview is still limited to ensure great performance and experience for our customers. You can now use Live Mesh just by signing in to with a valid Windows Live ID. No waiting list at this time!

International Customers

With Live Mesh open to more people in the US, our international friends can join in the fun early as well – with one caveat: you must be willing to change your Windows operating system region and language setting to EN-US. Once you do this you will be able to immediately sign in to Live Mesh with a valid Windows Live ID. Please be aware that this may cause other applications that specifically require your native country region and language settings to encounter problems.

Previously Live Mesh was available to about 10,000 testers that had been accepted into the program a few months ago. It will be interesting to see whether Microsoft can sustain the onslaught of new accounts that will likely be created, in terms of performance and stability.

What is Live Mesh? It’s basically a file synchronization service that can keep entire folders in sync with each other across remote PC’s (Mac and mobile support coming soon). Plus you’re given 5GB of storage that is used to make files available from anywhere via a web interface. Here’s a tour of Live Mesh (requires Silverlight) for those of you wanting to know more about how it works.

Live Mesh Homepage [via LiveSide]