Many sites are incorrectly reporting that Microsoft is developing LiveStation, while other sites just aren’t making it clear that Microsoft only has a very small stake in the company that is developing it, and they’re not really involved in the development process.

LiveStation is a peer-to-peer live TV broadcasting application being developed by Skinkers, based in London. The Inquirer interviewed Skinkers co-founder Metteo Berlucchi today who explained that the rumor that this was a Microsoft project started after he gave a video interview to Steve Clayton over at Microsoft. It’s not that Skinkers has no connection with Microsoft, because they do, but it’s very little.

Berlucchi explains that Skinker bought the rights to a Microsoft Research project and in exchange for those rights, Microsoft got a 10 percent stake. That’s the only connection there, and all of the development for LiveStation has been done by Skinkers developers.

It’s understandable how some assumed that Microsoft had a major influence in the project because afterall, it is named LiveStation. Microsoft has their whole line of “live”services, so this sounds like it would fit right in, but it doesn’t.

Joost Killer

Another element to this whole rumor is that LiveStation is a Joost Killer. Berlucchi addressed this issue and actually thought the Joost Killer statement was pretty funny. He says:

“There’s been a lot of confusion with people making two plus two equal 10,” he said. “People call it a Joost killer, which is hilarious because the real title is ‘trying to get television working over the Internet. Microsoft would never do something like launching against Joost. They probably don’t know what Joost is.”

To recap:

LiveStation is being developed by Microsoft = False!

LiveStation is a Joost Killer = False!