One of my favorite Firefox extensions, Locationbar², has finally been updated to work with the recently released Firefox 3 Beta 4. It can be used to make the domain that you’re currently viewing stand out more than the rest of the URL, which makes users less susceptible to phishing attacks.

You may recall that midway through last year we saw a feature very similar to this make its way into the nightly builds of Firefox 3, but it has since been removed. I’m not sure if Mozilla intends to reimplement the feature, but at this point it’s not looking very likely. What’s interesting is that the new Internet Explorer 8 Beta went ahead and added in this feature.

One thing that really makes Locationbar² stand out though is its ability to generate breadcrumbs from the URL that you’re currently viewing. To do this just hold down the Control or Shift key, and then hover over the address bar. You’ll notice that you can click on the different segments of the URL, which makes it a little easier to go back to the main domain or up a “directory”.

If you want your address bar to look like mine does in the screenshot you’ll want to add http:// into the Hide protocols box in the Locationbar² settings, and then also check the strong box.

Locationbar² Homepage (look for the 1.0b1 download link)