So I thought I was crazy last October for spending $100 on the Logitech MX Revolution mouse, but prices continue to rise as Logitech adds some innovation to their product line. The newest family member to dent your pocketbook is the Logitech MX Air which will ship in August. The price is a mere $149.99, and you could probably gather that up in a week if you don’t eat. :)

Logitech MX Air

This is probably one of the only mice that comes with a polishing cloth, but it does have some unique features that are nifty besides for just the cloth. The most notable thing is that the mouse contains motion sensors to track movements just like a Wii controller. With this you could actually point to the items on the screen that you want to click on, although your arm would probably get tired rather quickly.

So what about the buttons and the scroll wheel? Take a look at the overview of the buttons on the mouse:

Logitech MX Air

The scroll wheel has been replaced with a touch-sensitive surface much like the touchpad on a laptop. Then there are four buttons for navigating forward/back, selecting items, playing/pausing media, and adjusting the volume. To do something like increase the volume you would put your finger on the volume button and wave the mouse to the right, or to decrease it you would wave the mouse to the left. I am very interested in seeing how well you can select things, like text, using this method.

The 2.4GHz wireless signal gives the mouse a range of about 30-feet. That means you could walk away from your computer and still adjust things like the volume or skip songs using pre-defined gestures that are application-specific. Other programs it is designed to work with include iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, Windows Photo Gallery, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and more.

One thing is for sure…this is going to give "mouse gestures" a whole new meaning! I don’t think I’ll be picking this mouse up when it comes out because of the price, but it sure would be cool to have. I’ll wrap things up with a video produced by Logitech of the MX Air in action:

Logitech MX Air Homepage (Won’t be available for purchase until August)
Source: Hardware Geeks