Logitech MX RevlolutionI’ve been the proud owner the Logitech MX Revolution for about 9-months, and there is no doubt that it is the best mouse I have owned. As far as the SetPoint software goes, I always felt that it needed a little work to live up to everything the mouse can do.

About a month ago I had a problem with the SetPoint software working on Vista, so I decided to uninstall it. The mouse worked fine without the software even though it rendered the side-scroller useless. I finally checked back today to see if a new version was released, and it appears that on June 5th they went from version 3 to version 4.

I was excited to see a major update, and expected some huge changes. I installed it, checked out the options, and saw nothing different:

SetPoint Software

As you can imagine the disappointment inside me ran rampant…until I went to use my side-scroller to switch applications. Previously Logitech had their own document switching window that would popup, and I used it all the time. Now, however, when running SetPoint on Vista it will use the Flip-3D. Previously I had thought that Flip-3D was useless for switching between windows because it took too long, now my opinion is completely the opposite.

Since I can use my side scroll-wheel to quickly move through all of the windows in Flip-3D I have found myself using it all the time. Anyone can use the normal scroll-wheel on their mouse to flip through the windows, but having a dedicated scroll wheel just for Flip-3D means I don’t have to touch my keyboard at all. Then to "pick" the window that is in front I just have to left-click anywhere on the screen with my mouse.

Having been an Alt-Tab addict for so long I am really happy to have found an alternative that is even better. Kudos to Logitech for improving on one of the most hyped Vista features, and making it very usable.

For those of you wanting to try the software out yourself with a Logitech mouse, here are the direct download links: Vista/XP 32-bit and Vista/XP 64-bit. I think that the MX Revolution is probably the only one that can take advantage of the Flip-3D since it has the second scroll-wheel, but you might be able to configure other buttons to activate the "Document Flip" feature in the SetPoint software.

Note: Watch out during the install process, it tries to install the Yahoo! Toolbar by default. There is a "No Thanks" option, but you need to make sure you choose it.