LogMeIn on Macs

Big news comes today as LogMeIn releases a preview version of their application for the Mac OS. If you own more than one computer, LogMeIn is a must. It allows you to connect to any PC (or now Mac) computer located anywhere in the world using only your browser, and it’s free.

You do, however, have to install an application on the computer you’re wanting to control which is why this Mac client is important. Then you’ll be able to access that computer simply by pulling up your browser and going to the LogMeIn site where they’ll list all of the computers you have access to. There is no configuration needed for routers…it takes care of that for you.

This is something that I use on a daily basis for several different purposes. One reason I use it is to help my family out with their computer needs, because in an instant I can pull up their computer and help them out. Best of all is that they can actually see what I’m doing, whereas the Windows Remote Desktop will logout the person who is currently using the PC when I take control of it. That means that they can’t see what I’m doing when I’m controlling it, which makes it a lot easier to explain things.

Besides for that, I also use it around the house. I have a server PC that I don’t have hooked up to a monitor, and instead of using Remote Desktop I always use LogMeIn because it is faster in my opinion. You can adjust things like the color depth and screen resolution on-the-fly, but that’s often not needed since LogMeIn does a great job of picking the appropriate settings immediately when you connect.

Overall, I would have to say that LogMeIn is among my top-5 favorite applications of all-time because of the convenience that it puts at my fingertips. If you can’t tell, I highly recommend that you give it a shot. :)

LogMeIn Homepage

Source: LogMeIn [via Download Squad]