cybernet wrapup.pngOver the last year, we have found that there are so many things we want to share with you, whether it be tips that some of you have sent in or things we find around the web, but because of time constraints and the simple fact that we know you guys already have enough in your feed readers, we just can’t. We’ve been trying to come up with a solution to the problem, and we think we’ve finally figured it out. It’s called WrapUp and it’ll be exactly that, a wrap-up of things going on around the web. We’ll gather up a variety of “stuff” from around the web to share with you in one simple post.

WrapUp’s aren’t going to be posted daily, just a few times a week and they will include two main sections:

  1. News
  2. Tips, tutorials and reviews

We’ll summarize what the article is about in two or three sentences and then if it sounds like something interesting to you, you can go to the original site to read more. If there’s a related article on CyberNet, we’ll point that out as well.

We played around with several different looks for the article to find one that would make it easy to skim through the content, so hopefully you’ll find it easy to quickly browse. WrapUp’s are intended to provide you with some extra reading material and interesting tips and reviews.

Look for the first WrapUp to post a little later today…