Office 2007Have you been looking for a great word processor that fits all of your needs? There are so many options available that it is hard to review them all on your own, which is why Donation Coder took the time to assemble a very comprehensive comparison of the word processors available.

In the review they break down the word processors into three different categories: major word processors, second-tier word processors, and online word processors. The major list consists of the big names, like OpenOffice and Microsoft Word 2007. The second-tier list has the others such as AbiWord and TextMaker. And then in the online section they look at Google Docs, Zoho Writer, and ThinkFree Write.

Each application that they review looks at both the good and the bad, as well as provide a conclusion. Then after all of that they summarize the important links you’ll need to know, and they provide other sites who have reviewed that application.

Before they dive into the applications they make a very good point that everyone should take to heart:

One size does not fit all applies accurately to word processors. First rule: Choose your word processor according to your environment and needs, and inherent in that choice is choosing your format. Second rule: be happy with your choice, because statistics show you’re not likely to change.

When I’m on Windows, which is about 85% of the time, I am using Microsoft Word 2007. The new Ribbons that have replaced the toolbars are so innovative and intuitive that I find myself using features I never knew existed. In just a few clicks I can make my images look like something a professional made, and just the overall experience that I have with it is far superior to any other word processor that I have used. Of course the Ribbons probably won’t be for everyone.

When I’m on the Linux side of things I use OpenOffice, as most Linux users do. Before Office 2007 became available I was a full-time OpenOffice user because both the interface and features were very similar. The only thing that it ever lacked, which I need now more than ever, is full Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) support. This allows users to program documents, such as Excel spreadsheets, to do things much more advanced than what the built-in options offer.

In the end, here are the results that Donation Coder came up with for his own personal use:

–Major Word Processor–
Winner: StarOffice/OpenOffice, because of its universal file format in ODF, it’s roadmap, and the fact that it is Open source.
Runner-up: Microsoft Word 2007, because it’s essentially a desktop publishing app now.

–Second-tier Word Processor–
Winner: TextMaker for its polish, accurate .doc conversion, and multi-platform support.
Runner-up: 602Text, for its stability.

–Online Word Processor–
Zoho Writer, because of its strong HTML formatting and feature set unique to any word processor online or desktop, and its ODF support.
Runner-up: Google Docs, because it’s fast, easy, and never loses a document nor lets you make a mistake.

So go ahead and read the reviews over at Donation Coder, but set aside some time to do so because it is quite lengthy!