Lycos Sets The New Email StandardIt looks like Lycos is finally jumping into the email competition by upgrading users to 3GB of storage! GMail continues to approach that number so that isn’t anything super special. Do you want to know why I will be creating a Lycos email account though?

Lycos is setting the email standard, in my opinion, because you can send files of ANY size. If you have that Linux ISO you want to send to your friend then it will be much easier. I am sure someone will come out with a tool that will utilize the new Lycos mail as an FTP but until that time it will still be nice to have unlimited file size attachments!

I would suspect that other email services will receive numerous requests to match what Lycos has now done. I surely hope that all of the other companies like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft will follow in their footsteps because this will allow more people to make use of the extreme amounts of storage in their Inbox. In my GMail account I never break more than 3% of the 2.75GB allotted to me.

News Source: BetaNews