Mac disable window shadow

Do you hate the drop shadow that appears around all the windows and menus on your Mac? If you search around there are hidden settings on the Mac that you can modify to have the shadows disabled while taking a screenshot, but being able to disable them 100% of the time was a little tougher for me to find. Eventually I stumbled across a free app called ShadowKiller that removes both the menu shadow and window shadow.

The application hasn’t been updated in over 5-years, and says that it is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, but it ran without any troubles on my Mac OS X 10.7 Lion install (I did not try it on 10.6). Once you download ShadowKiller all you have to do is run the app to remove the shadows, and if you want the shadows back just run the app again. You may assume that the app isn’t working since, if you watch the Dock, it will appear to quit as soon as it starts, but that’s just because there is no interface for it.

As you can see in the screenshot above the top-most window doesn’t have a shadow around it, which to some people looks a little cleaner compared to when a shadow is present. Give it a whirl and see if you prefer not to have the shadows.

ShadowKiller Homepage (Mac only; Freeware)