Mac history

Apple has released a lot of hardware and software over the years, but it’s easy to forget how they got to where they are. A free app on the Mac App Store called Mactracker can take you on a walk down memory lane. When you fire up the app you are presented with 500+ items that Apple has released in a variety of different categories including desktops, notebooks, servers, devices, and software.

There is a lot of cool info tucked away in this app. It’s kind of fun to flip through some of the various computers, such as the Macintosh 128k, and see what the cost was for them back when they were released. In the case of the Macintosh 128k it was $2495 when it was available in 1984. It also includes detailed specs on not only the newest machines but also on many of the really old ones. On the software side they also try to let you know key features for each of the iOS and Mac OS releases.

And that’s not even all the app is capable of doing. You can also use it to keep track of your own Apple products, and enter in details such as their serial number, purchase date, and warranty expiration date. You’ll then be able to see at a glance which of your computers are about to fall out of their warranty period.

For being a free app I was rather amazed at how complete the collection of information is, and at the very least it’s fun to just scroll through to look at the icons for all of the various devices.

Mactracker Homepage (Mac only; Freeware)