Microsoft’s Mac Office 2008 won’t be released until sometime in January, but those of you who are eager to get your hands on it don’t have to wait much longer. File sharing sites have already started to distribute a 465MB download of the Beta version to anyone that wants it, and accompanying the download is a working serial number.

What’s this mean for everyone that doesn’t want to download it illegally? In no time at all you’ll be able to find Office 2008 Reviews blanketing the web, and a well-written review has already been posted over at the InsanelyMac forum. A follow-up poster also added screenshots of the splash screens for each of the individual apps.

One of the things people have been the most excited about is the Entourage 2008 software, which is kind of like Outlook for Macs. Many were hoping that it would finally be the product that they all wanted, but the reviewer wasn’t too fond of it:

It does take a long time to open, it makes strange noises at random times(like when you turned off email notification and it is idle). With this Application, I think that Microsoft tried to pack too much into one Application. The UI itself is not very space efficient and it is slow to use.

In the end the reviewer gave Mac Office 2008 a 4 out of 5 after ignoring the issues that will probably get fixed by the time it ships in January. I can’t wait to read what everyone else thinks of it.