Leopard Spaces Apple has finally decided to inform the public about the official release date of the acclaimed Leopard operating system, and it’s in just 10 days (on October 26th). Lines will surely form outside of the Apple stores, but I would imagine that there will be more than enough copies available.

What’s new in Leopard? Apple has detailed over 300 new features that will be shipping in the latest version of their operating system. I went through the entire list and grabbed the things that I thought were the most notable:

  • Boot Camp – run Windows on your Mac, and copy files between the two operating systems
  • Desktop – semitransparent menu bar, reflective Dock, organize files into “stacks,” and more
  • Finder – use the sidebar to group items into categories, flip through your files with Cover Flow, icons contain previews of files, and more
  • iChat – use Photo Booth to add effects to your video chats, tabbed chatting, file transfer manager, and more
  • Mail – includes stationary templates, to-do list manager, improved search, photo browser, RSS integration, notes, and more
  • Parental controls – simple account setup, time limits and bedtimes, web filters, remote control, and more
  • Quick Look – preview files without launching an application
  • Safari – enhanced find, full history search, resizable text fields, and more
  • Spaces – these are like virtual desktops, and you can drag and drop applications from one space to another using the Bird’s-Eye View
  • Time Machine – backs up all of your files in case you need to retrieve something that has been removed

Starting October 26th you’ll be able to pick up your copy of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard at an Apple retail store for only $129! That’s quite a steal, but the even better deal is the $199 household license that covers up to five computers. If you bought a new computer after October 1st, 2007 you qualify for the free upgrade. You will, however, have to pay a $10 shipping fee to get it.

Engadget also mentioned that the Boot Camp Beta will not expire until the end of 2007 for Tiger users, and until then you’ll be able to add/edit your Windows partitions. After that time you’ll still be able to run Windows, but you won’t be able to manage the partitions without making the upgrade to Leopard.

Lifehacker has also started a poll wondering what feature is making you lust over the upcoming operating system.

Thanks for the tip CoryC!