For Mac users, Apple has released the update, Mac OS X 10.5.3. You’ve probably already seen the update available for download in the Software Update, but you may not be aware of what this new update does. One of the biggest things, of course, is that it includes some general operating system fixes which you can read all about here. There’s a pretty long list of minor changes that were made all across the operating system. A new feature though, is the option to sync your Google Contacts with the Address Book Application (our review here).

The Official Google Mac Blog points out this feature and explains how you do it. They recommend that before you get started, you back-up your Google Contacts as well as your Address Book. Once you’ve got that done, just open up Address Book, then Preferences, and then you’ll see the option to “Synchronize with Google” (right below Synchronize with Yahoo).

synchronize with google.png

If you just followed those steps and you don’t see the option, it’s probably because you have never hooked up an iPhone or iPod Touch to your computer. See, Apple made a small mistake here and the only way the option will appear is if you’ve hooked up the previously mentioned devices. Of course not everybody that has a Mac owns an iPhone or iPod Touch, and so what are they to do? Thankfully there’s already a solution which Lifehacker writes about here. It sounds simple enough and should only take a few minutes.

Both Ryan and I installed this update without any issues (it’s a big one, 420 MB) but not everybody was so fortunate. Blogger jkOnTheRun wrote a post saying that the update crashed his MacBook Pro. He says, “It downloaded and installed fine, indicated it was “patching files,” and then never would boot up again.” The problem he had is the only problem I’ve seen mentioned around the Blogosphere regarding this update, so I’m sure you should be able to update without a hitch too. As a precaution though, be sure to back-up your files as Apple recommends you do anyways.

Thanks to Omar and Nimrodguy for the tips!