A lot of sites decided to go the Twitter route this year for providing fast updates to their readers who wanted to keep up wit Macworld. The excess traffic must have caused an overload because ironically, Twitter has been down (they weren’t the only ones either… Engadget was crawling!). For those of you who tried to follow Macworld and couldn’t get the complete details, we’ve got the full scoop..

All rumors can be put to rest. Steve Jobs’ Keynote is over and what came out of it was a brand new MacBook Air, the much anticipated movie rentals, Time Capsule, and more!

SmartPhone Marketshare iPhone

  • To date, more than 4 million iPhone’s sold
  • That equals out to 20,000 iPhone per day on average that are sold
  • During the 1st quarter it was on the market, it garnered 19% of the market share


New iPhone Features with Firmware Update (Press Release)

  • Update available today
  • Maps with location – find your current location in maps and then have a route calculated for you based upon your current location
  • Text message multiple people at one time
  • Create up to 9 different home screens and organize the home buttons the way you want them to be

Time Capsule (Press Release)

Time Capsule is a companion to Time Machine that will allow users to backup their computers wirelessly — all Macs in your house can be backed-up. They’ll be going on sale come February in two different versions:

  • 500 GB priced at $299
  • 1 TB priced at $499


Mac OS X has been out for about three months now and over five million copies have been sold.  It’s the most successful release ever and almost 20% of the OS X install base has upgraded

iPod Touch (Press Release)

  • The iPod Touch also received some TLC with new apps being added like mail, weather, maps, stocks, and notes.  Just like the iPhone, iPod Touch users can reorder their homepage. iPod Touch users can pay $20 to receive this upgrade.


Jobs gave a quick rundown on some iTune’s stats:

  • 20 million soungs were sold on iTunes on Christmas Day alone
  • Last week they hit their 4 billion mark for songs sold
  • 125 million TV shows have been sold in all
  • 7 million movies sold

After Jobs mentioned that they had sold over 7 million movies, he said that it wasn’t good enough for them and this was his perfect lead-in to introducing the much rumored iTunes movie rentals.

Movie Rentals! (Press Release)

As we all expected, Apple has jumped into movie rentals. Somehow they managed to get every single major studio on board like Fox, Walt Disney, Universal, Paramount, Sony, MGM, and more. Here are a few important key details you need to be aware of:

  • Movie rentals launches today in the US and internationally later this year
  • By the end of February, 1000 films will be available
  • 30 days after DVD’s are released, they’ll have them available for download
  • Watch movies on your Mac, PC, and all current generation iPods, and iPhone
  • Watch them instantly if a great Internet connection

Movie rental rules:

  • You’ll have 30 days to start watching the movie when you rent it
  • After you start watching it, you’ll have 24 hours to finish it
  • Regular movies will cost $2.99 while new releases will be priced at $3.99
  • Movies are transferable– from your computer to an iPod or wherever– it’s very simple to transfer the movie to multiple devices

Apple TV Take 2 (Press Release)

Apple TV Jobs said that this was Apple TV Take 2 — it can sync to your computer but no computer is required. From it you can rent movies directly on your TV and rent them in DVD quality. You can also rent them in HD quality with Dolby 5.1 surround sound. Other important info:

  • View audio and video podcasts as well
  • Get photos from your computer or view photos from Flickr and .Mac
  • Expanded selection of YouTube – 50 million videos

The interface was redone as well and is much improved with one menu.  Users can read about the movies, see the actors, directors, etc. They can also get recommendations based upon what others have viewed.

  • HD movie rentals are priced at $4.99
  • The unit itself was received a drop in price from $299 to $229
  • Existing Apple TV users will get the free software update in about two weeks

MacBook Air (Press Release)

Jobs described the MacBook Air as “The World’s Thinnest Notebook. It features a full-sized keyboard, full-size display, but it’s an unprecedented 0.76 inches in its thickest part. and 0.16 inches at its thinnest. It can even fit in a manilla envelope which Steve pulled out and demonstrated.

Macbook Air

  • iSight
  • Multi-touch track pad
  • 13.3 inch widescreen display
  • Magnetic latch
  • 80 GB hard drive is standard but you can also get a 64 GB Solid State Drive
  • LED Backlit display
  • Processor is as thick as a nickle and as wide as a time
  • 45 Watt MagSafe
  • 1 USB 2.0 port
  • Micro-DVI
  • Audio Out
  • 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1/EDR
  • 5 hours of battery life
  • Doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive but you can “borrow” an optical drive from a MAC or PC or purchase one for $99
  • 2GB Memory standard

Pricing is $1,799 and it will be available in just two weeks or you can pre-order today.

They also pointed out how this computer was easy on the environment:

  • Fully aluminum case which is good for recyclying
  • First fully mercury and lead free display
  • Circuit boards are BFR free
  • Retail packaging is small– 56% less volume than that of the MacBook.