photofunia.jpgAre you looking to have some fun with photos of your friends of family? Look no further if you lack the Photoshop skills needed to do some fun stuff with their photos… just head on over to PhotoFunia. There are over 100 creative templates you get to choose from, and applying someone’s face to them takes a matter of seconds.

After you upload an image you actually don’t have to do anything else. Some of the templates use face detection technology to automatically crop and position the image just right. The ones that use face detection have a little symbol in the bottom-left corner of the thumbnail, like the Mona Lisa shown to the right. This is pretty much only used when one of the templates replaces someone’s face with one from a photo you provide.

This definitely provided me with some amusement for about an hour, but I wish there was a way for you to just upload an image once and then shuffle through all the different templates. Instead you have to upload the image for each template you want it applied to.

PhotoFunia Homepage
Thanks Jason!