Here at CyberNet we always try to point out when applications are portable because, let’s face it, there are some apps it’s nice being able to take with you without the worry of having to download it again or reconfigure it. The problem is that many of our favorite apps aren’t portable, but a free program called Cameyo looks like it may be the cure for this.

What is Cameyo? It is a simple and free way to do application virtualization. Ironically, you’ll have to install Cameyo, but it’s worth it. When you run the app all you’ll have to do is hit the “Capture installation” button. From there you’ll see a small little popup that says Cameyo is creating a snapshot of your system. After it’s done with that you’ll run through the normal installation process of the program you want to “virtualize”, and then click the button indicating that it completed. It will then look to see what changes the program made to your system, and will create the files needed for you to carry your newly virtualized app around with you.

I tried this out on Google Talk and it worked great. They also show it working with apps like Windows Live Messenger, iTunes, Skype, Google Chrome, VLC, FileZilla, and more. You’ll also find that it includes a package manager (as seen in the screenshot above) that lets you navigate through and even modify the files that it has saved.

Another reason why this is so cool? You can virtualize an app with Cameyo, configure it to your liking, and save it off somewhere safe. That way if anything ever gets screwed up with the application, or a new version comes out that you don’t like, you can just revert back to the one you saved. Cool, huh?

Cameyo Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)