Here at CyberNet we love playing ourselves a good game of Lemmings. I’m sure most of you already know about the web-based version which includes many of the original levels. If you’ve finished all of those before then maybe it is time to move onto something bigger and better… Lemmins (download mirror)!

Lemmins (no, that’s not misspelled) is a near-perfect Lemmings clone that will keep you occupied for days. The download is a single executable file that doesn’t require any installation… so you have no excuse not to play it everywhere you go. Not only does it include all of the original levels, but it also has the “Oh No” levels as well. There are over 100 Oh No levels alone many of which are very difficult. So don’t expect to conquer them all overnight.

Lemmins also lets you slightly cheat by jumping to any level that you would like. Now you can avoid the frustration of not being able to complete a level by skipping it all together:

lemmins levels

Hopefully you’ll have some time this weekend to dedicate to Lemmings, but don’t get so involved that you forget to do important things like eating. Consider that a warning. ;)

Note: This is made for Windows XP, but I had no troubles running it on Vista.

Lemmins Homepage (Download Mirror)
Thanks a ton to Radu for the tip!