A site worth checking out at least once is Dipity, a place to go to make, share, and view interactive timelines. It’s not like anything else we’ve seen before, and it’s simple to use. If you’ve ever wanted to view or create a visual timeline of just about anything, Dipity is where you’ll want to go.

For those creating timelines, you can have Dipity automatically create them based upon various things. They support Pandora, YouTube, Blogger, Picasa, Twitter, WordPress, Flickr, General RSS, Yelp, and more. If you use any of these services, you can have Dipity automatically create a timeline of the various things you did on those sites.

If you choose to create a Timeline, you will select a category for it, and then you will have the option to change the permissions. By default, anyone can view your timeline but you can make it private as well. Once you go on to add events to the timeline, you can manually enter events or use their “Add a Source” option. If you choose to “Add a Source”, you’ll be able to choose from the various sources we listed above (including any RSS Feed). For example, I chose to add my Flickr account as a source. I entered my user ID and it added the most recent 200 images to my timeline. Once your timeline is created, you can view it as a timeline, a list, a flipbook, or a map. Nice, huh? The Flipbook feature looks pretty slick and in some ways reminds us of Apple’s Cover Flow.

dipity timeline.png

Looking through timelines that have already been created is easy because they are broken down into various categories like music, government, history, technology, people & blogs, regional, science, and more. My only request is that it would be nice if you could sort the timelines by most popular or recently added. One example of a timeline from the tech category is called “Web 2.0.” They have over 100 events on it, and you can zoom in or out to view more or less events. I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest timeline available, but it’s one I found with many events added to it. If you find timelines that you like, you can easily add them as favorites, or embed them on your own site. Because you can include media like images and videos, Dipity timelines are more than just words and can include a lot of interesting information.

Check it out… Dipity.com