Google tshirtI’m sure there are some of you who would love to work for Google some day, but know it’s just not possible, whatever the reason may be. Now there’s an opportunity for you to get as close to working for Google as you could possibly get, without actually being hired by them. It’s called the Google Business Referall Representative Program, and you’ll be considered an independent contractor to Google with the opportunity to get paid.

Here’s how it works, as a Google Local Business Referral Representative, you’ll get paid for going around and collecting information from local businesses in your area. When they say “collect information,” they mean hours of operation, types of payment accepted, etc., and then you’ll also be responsible for informing them about Google Maps and Google AdWords. And as long as you’re there, you might as well take a few pictures of the business so others know what it looks like. Once you’ve completed the task, you’ll be able to make up to $10 for every referall that you submit.

Now, it’s not just $10 right off the bat.  First you’ll have to wait for Google to approve the referall, in which case you’ll receive $2. And then you’ll have to wait for the business that you gathered information from to verify that the information that you submitted is correct. Once they approve it, you’ll get another $8. If you did lots of businesses in your area, this could potentially add up to some nice extra cash.

The only requirements are that you’re able to work as a contractor in the U.S., you’re 18, and you can fill out a W-9 form for the IRS. You’ll also have to have your own computer and a digital camera, and you’ll be responsible for any of your expenses that you incur, like gas. Sounds to me like Google has thought of a great way to utilize casual Google users to help them fulfill their goal of organizing the world’s information.

Interested? You can sign-up here.

Source: gSpy