Every once in a while I think about what it might be like to make the change from a Windows operating system to a Mac. If you’ve ever thought about it, or you’re just wanting a change, you can very simply make XP look like OS X. Giving you a complete Mac makeover, FlyakiteOSX is one heck of a transformation pack for XP. Even their website is impressive, giving you the look and feel of a Mac.

Installing Flyakite OS X gives you everything from the icons and cursors to the fonts and sounds. This isn’t just a skin, it’s a complete transformation pack. It replaces system files, tweaks the registry, installs 3rd part software, and makes use of skins to give it the complete look and feel. The screenshot above gives you a good idea of what your desktop will look like with this transformation.

Flyakite OS X makes use of a variety of software to make it a more realistic experience.  Below is a list of the software and a brief description, along with a link.

Also included are skins for popular programs like MSN messenger, Trillian, WinDVD, and WinRAR 3.x. To get the mac “theme”, it uses Window Blinds which is like a windows skinning software. In case you don’t like Flyakite OS X, uninstalling is pretty simple with no hassles by running the uninstaller. The latest version is 3.5 which can be downloaded here by clicking on the ‘FlyakiteOSX’ menu at the top and selecting ‘Download.’ When you visit the site, it will ask you for your name.  This is simply for looks, because when the website loads, your name will be up at the top.

Flyakite OS X is one of the best transformation packs that I’ve seen with the complete look and feel of a Mac.  It can automatically create a Windows Restore Point in case you need to go back to a previous state. They also offer a tutorial that will teach you about all of the features included. It’s broken down into chapters so you can easily get to what interests you most.

Flyakite OS X

Thanks for the tip Tito!