WordPress Prologue

I’ve been using Twitter more and more these days, and it has surprisingly become a nice way to communicate with friends. That’s one of the reasons why Automattic, the founders of WordPress, decided that they should make their own Twitter using WordPress. I mean why not, WordPress already has posting capabilities so it’s all about skinning really.

What they came up with is a WordPress theme called Prologue. If you checkout the screenshot above or this live demo you’ll notice that it is a lot like Twitter. The main difference, however, is that you’re in control! Here’s a quick overview as to how it works:

  • When someone has the ability to post to a blog they see a short form at the top of the home page with a post box and tags.
  • Below the posting box is a list of everyone’s latest tweet or message, with their Gravatar next to it.
  • You can click on an author to see all their messages, or a tag to see all of the messages in a given tag.
  • There are RSS feeds for everything: the entire prologue, each author, each tag, and even combination or searches can be subscribed to in your RSS reader.
  • You can have a custom header to personalize the Prologue for your group, and just like any WordPress.com blog you have advanced privacy options: the blog can be public, public but invisible to search engines, and password-protected (available only to members).
  • Each message in the prologue can have comments, and of course each comments thread has its own RSS feed.

For some odd reason they don’t provide a simple ZIP file for the theme, and so I downloaded each of the files and did it myself. To setup Prologue just download the theme from my mirror, extract the files, put them in your themes folder, activate it, and you should be on your way to having your own Twitter-like service!

Kudos to the WordPress team for developing this because I can see Prologue becoming incredibly useful for a lot of people!

[via Download Squad]

Note: Did you notice in the screenshot above, which is provided by the WordPress team, that they are “putting the finishing touches on [their] deal to buy Google.” They must have a lot of money stored up. :)