Make Your Wireless Network Secure In A New Way

Many of us have pulled out our laptops somewhere and when you went to connect to a wireless network you were amazed to see how many people have unsecured networks. If you live in a place where there is a lot of housing nearby, such as apartments, then you will especially see this. It only takes a few steps to add security to your router, but maybe you should do something else instead *evil laugh*. This will require a Linux server just like most cool networking tricks do. If you are on your toes and have some spare time then you can give your leeching neighbors quite a treat. This tutorial walks you through how you can have unapproved computers display images upside down on a Web page (as pictured above). Unfortunately it doesn’t do it for the text as well but I am sure the flipped images would do enough damage to their little brain. News Source: Digg