Dell Idea What would you do if you had a great idea that could take a company to a whole new level? Some of us would probably just swallow the idea while others may try to pursue it.

One man has that idea and says that it would greatly benefit Dell. However, he will only tell the idea to Michael Dell himself! For that reason he is documenting his quest to personally talk with Michael Dell. He’ll post all emails and conversations that he has with contacts at Dell all the way until he talks with the big man himself.

What idea could be so great? He doesn’t really go into specifics but it sounds like a leasing plan for software:

It has to do with desktops, notebooks, servers, and also has to do with reviving the AXIM (Dells now defunct) PDA, as well as the DITTY (Dells now defunct MP3 Player).

It will change how software is sold, and possibly lead to a method for LEASING the more expensive software packages like for example those who dont really need a full copy of AUTOCAD(Autodesk’s flagship Drafting product) for a whole year, .. maybe you only need it for a month or so.

So you think the man is all talk? If he is trying to get this much hype then he better have something good. I’m sure Michael Dell hates nothing more than to receive publicity stunts that waste his time.

News Source: Digg